(Aye, this is my first kentic visual novel with my MMD OCs called Chara Bits, a gag web comic featuring my original characters, I made in pmx for the program MikuMikuDance.  I wanted to make a flash comic but  since flash's dying by the year's end, I decided to make some visual novel instead, I host it here on Itch because Devinatart does take HTML files yet)

Warning: Flashing/Shaking scenes in this episode 

Chara Bits Episode 0: "Is it Cake?"

"Alto is invited over to his friend's Prisma's house for....something, while waiting for her to show, he notices a tasty looking cake on the counter, who could resist such a treat but the real question is....is it cake, tho?"


Controls: Click to advance to the next page

There is no sound in this episode because I couldn't think of a good soundtrack for this oof

Finish Time: around 5 to 10 mins (depending on mouse clicking speed, but best enjoyed at a relaxed pace)


Apple Pie by Cabbage bowl

Chocolate Cake, Plates, Fork by 一護牛乳(銀時愛P)

Cupacake by なつか

Atlo, (I accidentally put Bara when I meant Prisma,,,OOF!)  Prisma by Me (Cinderpeach)

Living Room by 3DCustom Girl/MMD3DCParts





This project  NOT FOR PROFIT (MONEY), I'm just doing this for fun

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